Obadiah is the 31st Book in the Bible – We know very little about the man who wrote this book. We know that his name means the Lord’s servant and the message from the Lord that he wrote in this book. Who can tell what the word pride means? – A high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

How does God feel about pride? (It is sin.) Why is pride a sin? God is creator of all things. He deserves all the glory or credit for everything we have in this life. When we are prideful we steal God’s glory. An example of stealing God’s glory is to be prideful about something you are good at. What is something you are good at? If you are really good at a sport, it is God who gives you the health and ability to play that sport. To brag about your ability is stealing the credit that belongs to God. If you are good at something it pleases God when you give Him the credit (glory).

Obadiah is writing a message from God to the people of Edom. Esau is Jacob’s twin brother. As the firstborn son of Isaac, the son of Abraham he would inherit God’s promises that the Savior would be born from Abraham’s descendants. Esau didn’t care about God’s promises. He showed how little he cared about the promises by selling his firstborn privileges to Jacob for a bowl of soup when he was hungry.

Jacob was in no way a perfect man but he loved and desired to be a part of God’s promises. You may remember that he wanted to have the firstborn blessing so much that he tricked his father Isaac by pretending to be his brother Esau. When Esau learned that his brother Jacob had stolen his blessing he hated him and wanted to kill him. (Genesis 27)

Think about the world we live in. Wherever we are, there are always going to be two kinds of people-Believers who like Israel (Jacob) love God’s promises and put their faith in Him, and unbelievers who like Edom (Esau) despise God’s promises and put their trust in themselves.

Obadiah 1-9 Edom is judged by God – What deceived the people of Edom? (The pride of their heart)

Pride puts ourselves above God and deceives us. Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Our purpose and desire should always be to put God first and honor Him above all things.Pride steals God’s glory. Edom was full of pride and God was going to punish them.

Obadiah 10-16 (read these verses) Edom’s punishment for mistreating Israel – Because Edom was prideful they did some other things that did not please God. Esau’s family had mistreated Jacob’s family over many years. Obadiah tells of some specific things they did to God’s chosen people.
Obadiah 17-21 Israel’s promised restoration to their land – The last part of Obadiah was good news for God’s people. The punishment of God’s people would end and they would return to their land and even own the land that belonged to Edom. They would live in the land forever. However, Edom’s punishment would be forever.