Mission Statement

Worshipping God

We are a church that worships God in the Spirit and in the truth of His Word.

Equipping the Saints

We dedicate ourselves daily to teaching and studying the Word of God both corporately and in private times of prayer and devotion. We’re equipped with the Word to work in this ministry to which we have been called. Knowing this, we expect the manifestation of victory from the Word of God to be evident in every area of our lives.

Serving the Community

We are committed to spreading the gospel and meeting the needs of our fellow partners, the community, and to the world, all for the glory of God.

Knowing This We Commit To:
  • Grow Warmer Through Fellowship
  • Grow Deeper Through Discipleship
  • Grow Stronger Through Worship
  • Grow Broader Through Ministry
  • Grow Larger Through Evangelism